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Flotek Backed by  track-record of excellence and world-leading innovation, the company provides engineered flow-control solutions for key sectors of the economy such as oil & gas, power, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals.

Over a period of time Flotek Industries has built up team of technical experts and well equipped and balance force of people in all aspects of management. Flotek's approach is always on providing solutions to the all industries and marking their business profitable which necessarily requires professional attitude. It has also gathered the image of being the pioneers to offer such services in the state. A team of around twelve staff in guidance of Mr. Vikas Patel (Managing Partner-Technical) and Mr. Alpen Patel (Managing Partner-Admin), is dedicated to strengthen the Flotek Industries's business in India. The Flotek Industries also has an array of associate technical advisors and consultants with wide experience in certain facet of management, whose services are utilized on need basis.

The valves are designed using state-of-the-art 3D design, simulation and analysis software. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are used to fine-tune product performance. Prototypes models are tested - both in-house and at advanced flow-control research establishments - to ensure that the valves deliver consistent high performance.

Flotek Valves is synonymous with world-class manufacturing and quality assurance systems. Our plant have the agility and flexibility to deliver a wide variety of valves against time constraints and dynamic customer demands. International safety, health and environment standards govern every phase of the manufacturing process. 

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