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Cast Steel Swing Valves stop the reversal of flow automatically. They are opened and remain in the open position by the force of velocity pressure and closed by of gravity pressure. Seating load and resultant tightness is dependent upon back pressure.

Cast Steel Swing Check Valves can be furnished without side lever and adjustable weight , weight assists the disc in closing.The valve closes more rapidly when flow stops. With the lever and mounted to balance the weight of the disc , the valve becomes more sensitive to low inlet velocities pressure.

Cast Steel Swing check valves can be installed vertically as well as horizontally to prevent reversal of flow in pipelines.In vertical lines or for any angle from horizontal to vertical, they can be used for upward flow piping.

Also make Life type Check valves using our Globe valves bodies as a base

Size : 2” (50 mm) to 24” (600 mm)

Class : 150 #, 300 #, 600 #, 900 #

End : Flanged / Butt weld / Ring Joints Ends.

Design : BS 1868 / API 6D

Fire Safe : API – 6FD

Features : Bolted / Pressure Seal Cover, Swing type disc

Special Meterial & Higher Size also available on request.