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Disc Check Valve

Single disc check valve is spring loaded normally closed. The center guided disc is spring loded.
The once patented feature that results in silent shut-off, is the relation of the disc to the seat when
in the open position. This distance is approxmately of the valve size.It is the short disc travel distance
coupled with spring force that result in silent shut-off.

Flotek makes wafer design single disc check valve approaches the best pressure drop perfomance available
in any check valves on the market.Compact design wafer type check valves are for silent operations in essential.
Wafer check valves are suitable to install in any position between ANSI 150# and 300# flanges.


Size : ½” (15 mm) to 4” (100 mm)

Class : 150 # / 300 # / 600 # / 900 # / 1500 #

End : Water type (Suitable for 150 # / 300 # Flanges)

Design : DIN EN 558 – 2

Seat : Standard shall be metal to metal / Rubble Seat on Request

Special Meterial & Higher Size also available on request.